"It is a great fortune to live in a tranquil stream of time and never rush. It’s a great luxury. This style is advertised by glossy magazines and showcases of posh stores. But the real life is not on billboards.

Who among us has not encountered a situation where each step and each movement has to be checked with a second hand? When a T-shirt or sweater, taken off the shelf, needs to be ironed before dressing on? When you have to sort through a stack of garments on the back of a chair, and turn on the iron again, when the taxi is on your doorstep? Oops! But there are hangers! Anyone who uses ordinary hangers to hang T-shirts and sweaters, is incredibly rich – he has a time for this! If you turn your attention to people with disabilities, it is real torment for some of them."...

You can find out more about EasyHangers and order them in different colors on the INDIEGOGO.

New wardrobe accessory EasyHangers lets you say goodbye to wasted time with a hanging your T-shirts, jumpers and sweaters.


Defeat a mess within seconds

Unexpected guests at the door? Or just not enough time for house cleaning?

One handed operation

Do you have some limitations to operate with both hands? Or is the hand just busy with the child or phone?


Several prototypes were developed and printed on a 3D printer with shockproof ABS plastic before the product reliably performed the required functions. Each next model is an improved hanger of the previous one, based on mechanic tests and feedback from an international focus-group. You can see two recent working prototypes in the promo movie.


The arrangement exists with manufacturers and delivery services. Production can be started in a matter of weeks after the successful completion of the campaign.


We offer 5 pcs packages in a one of color combinations: Grey & Black, Grey & White, Grey and Blue, Grey & Green and Grey & Pink. Also, you can purchase a color mix pack with 5 EasyHangers of each color. Delivery time is 5-30 days and depends on your location.

If you are going to buy more than 20 hangers and save money on shipping, please contact me for a special offer!


Q: Why should I replace all current hangers in my wardrobe with EasyHangers?

A: You should not replace! Just complement them with 5-10-15 automatic hangers for your daily things with narrow neck. All other things more pragmatically to store on shelves or ordinary hangers, on our opinion.

Q: Will the fabric stretch on these shoulders?

A: Pads are wide enough to prevent stretching of clothing. However, the pads are replaceable, and they can be replaced with wider ones later for heavy sweaters, for example.

Q: What are the maximum heavy things do the hangers hold?

A: Tests showed that the hanger, printed on a 3D printer (more fragile than the serial sample), reliably withstands a thick knit sweater.

Q: Why is the price so high?

A: This is not a serial product, but an Early Bird edition. The first batch is very expensive due to the high cost of tools and one-time charges and taxes. Serial product should be a little cheaper, but not too much.


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